What is Embroidery?

Garment embroidery is a decorative technique that involves stitching designs, logos, or text onto fabric using thread. At Uniform Print Lab, our machines are capable of producing intricate designs with a high degree of accuracy and consistency, making them ideal for mass production.

The process of garment embroidery typically begins with creating a digital design using specialised embroidery software. The design is then loaded onto the embroidery machine, which uses a needle and thread to stitch the design onto the fabric. The type of thread and stitching technique used can vary depending on the desired effect and the fabric being used.

One of the key benefits of garment embroidery is that it provides a durable and long-lasting decoration on garments. Unlike printed designs, which can wear over time, embroidered designs remain vibrant and intact through multiple washes and wears. This makes embroidery a popular choice for corporate apparel, sports uniforms, and other garments that will be subjected to frequent use.

In addition to its durability, embroidery also offers a high-end look and feel that can elevate the perceived value of a garment. Embroidered designs have a three-dimensional texture that adds depth and dimension to the fabric, giving it a more luxurious appearance.



4 minimum (can be mixed garments with same print)


20 minimum (MUST be same caps with same print)

Custom Items

1 minimum (towels, backpacks etc.) – each item quoted individually